Who Are We?

We started Environmental Resolution Inc. to provide our clients with a better understanding of how all levels of government approach environmental policy, compliance and abatement. Too often we have heard for environmental lawyers and consultants “if the government believes it then it must be true.” Government agencies are not infallible, nor are their staff. In fact, a lot of the time government staff use broad unfocused policy and or abatement approaches to try to identify the root cause of an issue. Environmental Resolution has the expertise to focus the approach and resolve the issue.

Environmental Resolution brings a network of expertise to provide an objective third-party review of environmental compliance plans, government orders, and the overarching legislation to make sure that our clients are not only in compliance, but they remain in compliance for the long term.

Environmental Compliance

What is Environmental Compliance? In short, it means companies and individuals have a responsibility to ensure that their business meets all the requirements of the federal, provincial and or municipal government environmental legislation, regulations and by-laws. Compliance can take many forms, from record-keeping, emission controls, equipment standards, business process controls, and waste management, to name but a few. It can be a very confusing landscape, and compliance can be difficult to maintain without the proper training, oversight, equipment and process…

Why Choose Us to Help You?

We have over 60 years of experience in government policy formulation, regulatory management and abatement experience. We have experience working with government officials, bureaucrats, members of the regulated communities and lobbyists in Ottawa, Queens Park, and local municipalities. We are trained professional mediators and negotiators.

Real-World Experience

Consultants with real-world experience including managing Ontario's Ministry of Environment's Hamilton Office, its busiest office, with three of Ontario's four Steel Mills, related heavy industry, one of Canada's busiest ports, and second and third-tier manufacturing in its catchment area. Complex environmental issues that required effective and pragmatic business and abatement solutions.

Process Architects

Business and environmental process architects. Experience designing and implementing processes that meet industry and regulatory compliance requirements. Projects have included design, documentation and implementation of financial, environmental, business and IT processes.

Regulatory Experience

Experience in developing and implementing policy frameworks and legislation across a number of policy areas. Experience in defining scope, drafting and reviewing draft legislation. Experience in policy submissions to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments. With many years of experience comes an extensive and effective network of politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats, consultants and industry professionals.

Our Services

Risk Management Services and Environmental Audits

Experience in supervised environmental, health, and safety compliance audits of businesses across different industries and sectors. Experience in baseline and gap analysis of existing environmental management systems. Based on identified…

Strategic Planning and Business Process Design

Experience in analysing, documenting and modifying and ensuring the operational tasks and activities of the process owners and staff are correctly aligned with the strategic environmental goals of the organization.…

Regulatory Capacity Assessments

Experience in auditing management systems to identify gaps in regulatory capacity including management and staff competences (knowledge and skills of individuals; the Business/organization capacity including mission, planning and decisionmaking processes,…